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soccertrainingvideo Our soccer training dvds are filled with dozens of soccer training drills, tools and tips. Dribbling & Feinting Workout, Shooting & Scoring Workout, Passing & Receiving Workout, 1, 000 Touch Workout, Goalkeeping-Skills Drills, Backyard Soccer Games. Learn how to properly kick a soccer ball... 'Goalkeeping' has drills for developing ball handling, footwork, catching, diving, conditioning, breakaway skills, and more. Helps make coaching golakeepers with these easy drills... Soccer doesnt require some special equipment but there are certain essential items that are required to play soccer. Some vital soccer equipments include soccer balls, soccer cleats, shin guards, soccer shirts, soccer goals and gloves for goalkeepers.


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...filled with dozens of Soccer Training Drills, tools and tips. Dribbling & Feinting...
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Our Soccer Training dvds are filled with dozens of Soccer Training drills, tools and...
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Our soccer Training Dvds are filled with dozens of soccer training...