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Should you have any enquiries about the businesses or websites that are listed on this site (for example regarding their products and/or services), you should contact those businesses or websites directly. This website (Zing Education) is a directory only. We will not be able to answer questions about specific business or websites listed with us.

To contact Zing Education directly...

IMPORTANT: We will not be able to help you with enquiries you may have relating to the products or services offered by businesses or websites listed on Zing Education. Such enquiries may go unanswered by us. You should instead direct such enquiries straight to the relevant business.

If you wish to contact Zing Education regarding matters directly relating to this directory, please email us at, supplying the following details where available:

  • Your contact name and email address.
  • The link on Zing Education of your existing listing (if you have one)
  • The details of your request.

We will endeavour to respond to your request as soon as possible. Please note that we do NOT do link exchanges with other sites.

The Zing Education Team.