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Study @ Abroad, Foreign Education Admission Counselor, is the best source for Students seeking education abroad for their further and higher education. We are the Authorised & Registered Education Consultant in Pakistan, We have 5 star offices at Australia, Canada & Pakistan, and now expanding the prime profession of spreading education to prospect students and are executing planned growth in setting up quality education provider Admission office in United Arab Emirates and England as well as the existing offices in Pakistan and Australia. Study @ Abroad Foreign Education Admission Counselor is recognised, registered and authorised Education provider in Australia & Pakistan. Apart from our developed offices in Australia and Pakistan, we are starting execution of our planned growth to develop our offices in England, Ireland, Canada, Cyprus, Italy, & Turkey in the forth coming years. We strictly follow the streamlined measures & prefer evaluation of students’ academic qualifications before going deep into the selection of students projected course of study; therefore we need to see your documents first.


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