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StorehouseBuilder offers free resources to teach beginners how to successfully launch a profitable passive income business on the internet. Passive income is a revenue source that is generated with minimal work as the result of a prior investment. Three proven business models are outlined: 1) AdSense Websites; 2) Affiliate Websites; and 3) Membership Websites. AdSense Website - This business model is advertiser supported. It is the simplest passive income model to create and manage. Your role will be to create articles of digital content. The content should offer information on a topic that you are knowledgeable about, or digital products that visitors may download from their computer for free. Affiliate Website -This business model is perfect for individuals that are interested in a much more intensive sales/marketing focused business. Your role would be of identifying a target market, finding affiliate programs, selling their products/services, and collecting commissions. Membership website - This business model is typically a content-based information resource like the AdSense model. Your content would be offered to subscribing members for a fee. Your role would be of identifying a target market, create quality content, maintain a payment system, respond to member needs, and drive traffic to your website. Choose one of the business models and start building your financial future today.


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