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'The Roberts Method, mixes a strong academic element with a hard nosed professionalism aimed at helping actors get the one thing that's the most elusive in their line of work - a job! Screenwise was established to provide specialist, career-focused training in acting for film & television by employing the crème de la crème of industry professionals - award-winning actors, directors & casting consultants who are articulate and inspirational teachers. Overseen by actress, Principal Director and CEO Denise Roberts, the teaching staff includes high profile professional actors currently starring on stage and screen, with prominent reputable directors who are currently employed in film & television; as well as selected Casting Consultants and Agents. It is thanks to these tutors, their Industry expertise, authority, and the fact that Screenwise Students are exposed to them intimately on a regular basis providing rare networking opportunities, is why Screenwise has become Australia's leading film and television school for actors


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