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SWIMkids USA offers quality lessons year-round and seasonally. In an atmosphere of patience and love, our instructors build each child's self-esteem through repeated success. Our swim lessons have successfully trained over 50,000 children in one of the nation’s most effective swim school programs. What does SWIMkids USA offer?  Parent-Tot Classes 6 months—2 years  Water Survival Classes 1 year+  Stroke Development Classes  Competitive Swim Classes & Swim Teams  Adult Classes & Masters Swimming  Gym Classes  Dance Classes Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Hip-Hop  Special Needs Classes What makes SWIMkids USA different?  International Experts in Water Safety, Stroke Development, and Swimming’s Benefits on Brain Development  Lowest Student to Teacher Ratio in the Phoenix Metro area  Certified Instructors with 150 Additional Hours of SWIMkids USA Certification and over 200 Years of Experience  Free Practice Times  Awards for Achievement—Ribbons, Medals, T-shirts  Make-Up Classes What is SWIMkids USA’s purpose?  Equip your child with an immediate method of survival in an emergency situation  Teach your child a love and respect of the water  Increase your child's sensory/motor development and self-esteem  Train your child in cutting edge techniques in advance swim methods


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