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MGR Consulting, Inc.

MGR Consulting, Inc.
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FOCUSED FACILITATOR | FACILITATOR TRAINING | FACILITATIVE LEADERSHIP SKILLS Gary Rush, IAF CPF, is now MGR Consulting. He is amongst the most successful and influential Facilitator trainers in the world. He teaches The FoCuSeD Facilitator Academy, FoCuSeD Business Facilitator and FoCuSeD On... In 1985, Gary created FAST. In 2007, Gary created FoCuSeD - a revolution from FAST. His facilitation technique is used widely around the globe. His clients are many of the Fortune 500 companies. His alumni are amongst the most successful and influential leaders. MGR Consulting has been in business since 1985 when Gary founded MG Rush Systems, Inc. He ceased operations of MG Rush Systems, Inc. in June 2004, after a one year sabbatical, he returned as MGR Consulting -


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