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ExamHelp (Math Worksheets Generation)

ExamHelp (Math Worksheets Generation)
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ExamHelp ( is an education portal that was explicitly designed to hone and enhance the mathematical skills of students. We provide a very flexible system where you can create an assessment system that is suited for the specific needs of a student. This helps them practice and perfect their understanding of the underlying principles of mathematics rather than to try and learn things by rote. The portal is powered by a powerful engine that generates each question anew, based on the specific areas that the student wants to practice in. The question-generation engine ensures that questions are never repeated. The site provides a way for the student to learn things in a structured manner, and understand the fundamentals of the area. The portal offers an assessment infrastructure that focuses on helping a child understand the various aspects (categorized by class and topics) that are relevant to their age. ExamHelp provides the ability to generate randomized questions of various types - objective, descriptive, fill in the blanks, matching etc. The assessments can be done online or can be printed out and done on paper as per your convenience. ExamHelp also provides the ability for storing results for the online assessment tests so you can see how a child is faring in a given area.


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