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Dog Improvement!

Dog Improvement! Teach your dog to cooperate willingly, and to offer appropriate behavior without the use of threats and anger, or food lures and bribes. Learn how dogs think, why they behave the way they do, and how to initiate change and maintain behavioral improvements. Most dog training programs emphasize command control of dogs. Using Peggy Moran's system, dogs are taught to control themselves, willingly; they learn to be attentive, patient and disciplined. This is accomplished through the education of the dog's human family members as well as the dog. By changing the way a dog thinks, his behaviors will change; by learning to lead, dogs will follow willingly; by understanding dog communication, connection is improved. Give a dog an education, and help a pet become his personal best, instead of a personal pest. Peggy Moran offers positive permission-based specialty training services including: dog behavior modification and obedience training classes, private consultations and lessons, dog day care, boarded training, dog bootcamps, temperament evaluations, puppy socialization, and therapy dog training. Peggy also offers consultations and in-service training for animal shelter staff and professional dog trainers who want to enhance their behavioral modification and training services.


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